Dali de Saint Paul, Maxwell Sterling, Charlie Hope and Rebecca Salvadori

Penumbra is an experimental performance created by vocalist Dali de Saint Paul, electronic composer and double bassist Maxwell Sterling, visual artists Charlie Hope and Rebecca Salvadori. Emerging from a collaborative process during a series of shared sessions, it comprises improvised music and sound structured by a prepared score composed of video and lighting elements.

Dali de Saint Paul is known as a relentless collaborator and improviser, the voice of searing industrial duo Harrga, female improvising ensemble Viridian, trio dark idl, supergroup Ondata Rossa, and as the consistent element in her recently-concluded ‘self-exploding’ project EP/64, which existed for 64 live shows, each with a different line up, and involving over forty musicians as well as visual artists over a six-year period.

Maxwell Sterling’s multidisciplinary output as a sound producer, composer and double bassist spans regular collaborations with other musicians, visual artists, filmmakers and fashion designers. His work creates points of reference between precision sound synthesis and acoustic traditions, and can be heard on lauded solo releases for The Death of Rave and AD93, and his 2022 EP with Martha Skye Murphy, Distance on Ground (American Dreams).

Charlie Hope creates installations and performances which use light and space along with elements like video and coding to generate sensory experiences. He has presented solo work and collaborations with other artists and musicians at galleries, clubs and public spaces across Europe. He co-founded the London Topophobia collective, and has recently presented projects with Amsterdam’s HetHEM, London’s ICA and Nottingham Contemporary.

Rebecca Salvadori is a London based artist working at the intersection between video art and documentary. Her film works act as constellations of highly personal and wilfully elusive heterogeneous elements: multifaceted portraits of moments, people and environments, moving between personal and transpersonal scales. Over the last 15 years she has consistently engaged with experimental music, exploring ways to connect the moving image with sound practices, live performance and alternative forms of storytelling.

Commissioned by Outlands Network in Spring 2024, Penumbra was performed at Profound Sound, Folkestone (16/02), Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool (09/03), ACCA, Brighton (14/03), Ormside Projects, London (28/03), Karst, Plymouth (05/04), Bristol New Music Festival, Bristol (26/04).