The mind behind Bristol industrial experimental label Plaque as well as long time Avon Terror Corps affiliate and Slack Alice core-member — YOKEL has earned staple status amongst discerning listeners as a DJ as well as a production powerhouse, much of which is yet to see the light of day, but those in close contact with the YOKEL enigma can vouch for the vast archival credentials.

YOKEL's compelling plethora of sounds and rhythms touches and varies between EBM-driven skanks, weirdo-electronics tricks, sampledelica induced footworks, and heavy-beats allover the spectrum, often leaving the resulting mutant composition floating on uncharted turbulent waters.
With two solo releases on Avon Terror Corps and — Noods Radio imprint — DUMMY HANDS, his latest project, recently released on Bokeh Versions, sees him collaborating with a series of Bristol's vocalists including Franco Franco, D.Ham, Dali de Saint Paul and Kelan. Outside of the ATC enclave, he produced also for the likes of Bristol's singer and performer Grove and legendary MC Sensational.  

YOKEL is currently performing live his latest release "Parable Of The Empty Cup" accompanied by MCs D.Ham and Franco Franco. He is also open for DJ bookings.  

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