Kinlaw & Franco Franco

Cybornetic-industrial-rap duo Kinlaw (producer) & Franco Franco (mc) teamed up for repeated spontaneous neural-freestyle sessions within the gorges and dungeons of Avon sometime in 2018.

Their first release “Mezzi Umani Mezze Macchine” came out on Avon Terror Corps in April 2019 followed by their second album on ATC “Mega Dopo Mega” in 2021. 

The duo blends ill-cried nervously apathetic tales from the present and future upon blasted beats stuffed with reactors failures, nod+body-rhythms and Aztec whistles-driven frights.

The pair have been playing at various events and international festivals including Berlin Atonal, Supernormal, Saturnalia, UH Fest and Skaņu Mežs. After releasing a slew of CDR mixtapes, LIVE bootlegs and compilations featuring, they’ve recently released their single “Crocs on the Plough” on NoCorner. Their current set includes a mash of some previously released tracks with a test trial of upcoming twist-n-shout ballads for maximum party enjoyment.

“Kinlaw & Franco Franco are probably the closest thing Avon Terror Corps has to a flagship act.”

The Quietus

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