k means

Never content to sit still in the expected, k means likes to throw you in at the deep end. Having honed their skill over hours of on-air experimentation for Noods Radio and Rinse FM, k means has settled on a style spun more from texture and mood than any specific tempo or genre.

As a resident at Bristol’s mind-expanding Psychotherapy Sessions, their commitment to the fringes is borne out in an omnivorous appetite for sound, an exploratory approach that sees the selector navigating the wildest terrain and loosest vibes while maintaining a laser focus on the dance floor, spinning you out only to snap you back in.

Nowadays the Bristol-based DJ finds themselves ebbing and flowing elegantly between the rush of the club and more experimental spirals, drawn deep into the amphibian ooze of the most lysergic and cacophonous corners of the musical spectrum ~ constantly keeping you at a simmer, burbling between unease & release, throbbing tension and low-slung sleaze, finding delicate balance between the dark, the disorientating, the steamy and the sweat-slicked.

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