Dan Johnson

"Over the past decade, Dan has established himself as a key figure in Bristol’s, and the wider UK experimental arts and music community. A distinctive improviser and performer whose practice is centred on percussion performance, he has collaborated widely in important groups and ensembles including EP/64, Run Logan Run, and performed nationally at festivals and events such as Supernormal and Unwedding festivals. Dan is one of the most exciting percussionists working in the field today; he has developed a singular style and become widely known for the unique focus and intensity of solo and collaborative performances, which are often site specific in nature."

Dan’s past & present musical collaborators include:

EP/64, Run Logan Run, Tina Hitchens, Robert Ridley-Shackleton, Annie Gardiner, Kit Wilmans Fegradoe, Ossia, Bell Lungs, Ben Vince, Laura Phillips,Yama Warashi, Copper Sounds, Guest, GNOD, Sarah James, Silver Waves, Jooklo 5 Beans, Bristol Experimental & Expanded Film Collective.

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