BIPED (Bristol / Marseille) is a postmodern sound, image and language artist who uses experimental and DIY processes to make work that is lateral, liberationist, esoteric, rhizomatic and absurd. Their work to date extends from guerrilla installations and audio-sculptural interventions for protest, to theatrical and vulnerable solo music shows, to commissions from Supernormal Festival and The Ashmolean Museum.

With a primary focus on the promulgation of humane, sincere and post-controversial satire and confessionalism, BIPED's work centres around the paradox of humour and gravity; everyday capitalism and ancient spirituality. BIPED is affiliated and has made releases with Avon Terror Corps (Bristol), The Brunswick Club (Bristol), Spinny Nights (Bristol), QUEEF (Birmingham), Paravision (Marseille), Le Morozoff (Marseille), is a resident at Noods Radio, and is also working on a pantheon of modern mythological creatures, their fifth solo album and a fake corporation selling wellness.

“A dystopian sound poet - a Town Crier for the digital age - something like a half-dreaming one-person musical on stage - janky ballads, cluttered IDM, pastiche, poems full of gaps - a gloryhole peeping into the sound of a strange, heavy, glorious world.“At the forefront of Bristol’s avant-garde”  Heads on Sticks

“Music concrète-meets-idm-and-warped-art-folk experimental innovator”  Headfirst

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